V8BT ISO Microchip Reader/Scanner BT4 V800

$325.60 Incl GST

The V8BT RT100 Bluetooth Reader (Pocket) Scanner is one of the most efficient low cost readers available.

A handy pocket size RFID tag scanner, it’s useful for in-field or office applications. Carry case optional.

Robust, easy to use, compatible with smart phones and suitable for a variety of specialist applications operating with Dual BT2/BT4 function for connection with both iOS and Android devices. (Reading of ISO 11784/5 FDX-B and HDX)

  • FCC CE Compliant
  • Reads all NLIS and RFID tags (ear tags, bolus and injectables)
  • Now reads Temperature chips
  • Now Available with Dual BT4 chipset
  • USB Cable & Wrist strap included
  • Re-chargeable 3.7v Lithium Ion Battery
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Memory allows for 800 animal IDs
  • IOS & Android Apps available to download

Frequency: 134.2kHz Read and write ISO 14223
Protocol: ISO11784/5 FDX-A, FDX-B, EM4102, HDX
Reading range: Up to 11 cm(12mm×2mm, glass tag)
Display: 128×64, black and white, OLED
Keys: 4 buttons
Indication Battery charge control and Bluetooth: Buzzer
USB port USB virtual comport: Bluetooth virtual com.port
Power supply Lithium battery: 1400mAh,3.7V ; 5.18 Watts/hr
Dimension: 155mm (L)×82(W)×33(H)
Net weight: 155g
Charging mode: Mini USB
Accessories: Mini USB cable, Product instructions. Battery.
Compliance certifications: FCC, CE certification
Memory: Up to 800 ID numbers

Download Comprehensive Manual PDF HERE

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